Update Version 1.5

July 25, 2018

  1. Earlier posts written between 2015 and 2016 have been fully reformatted to maintain the same look throughout the website. Some pages were updated in Version 1.4, but now it extends to all entries. All articles have now a mobile friendly version (in some cases, a text only version) for better reading using the Reader View in Safari (iOS and macOS devices only) and in the current version of Firefox. This currently does not work with Chrome.

  2. We have edited all article URLs and made them clearer, so that they are easier to find and remember.

  3. Website-Wide change in fonts and colours to allow for easier reading. We have also made page titles and subsection titles more prominent and visible throughout.

  4. We have reformatted the HelpZone (now Resource Centre). This section also benefits from a dedicated Index so that you can find what you are looking for quickly. Index is currently in development and will be implemented later this year.

  5. Glossary has been reformatted and will contain the definition of all technical terms that appear on the website.

  6. Improved metadata. Update 1.5 focused on making sure webpage information was accurate and up-to-date. This allows for better visibility in search engines.

  7. We have set up the infrastructure to later implement searching by tags. Tags shown on the bottom of entries show keywords relating to the post. You will be able to search through an index of tags (nested under the Home section) to quickly search through related articles.

  8. We have also created the infrastructure for a Sitemap (nested under the Home section) to see all that pressure-ink.com has to offer.

  9. We added the “Translate this Page” widget (powered by Google Translate) at the bottom of each post, allowing us to increase engagement with visitors.

  10. Organisation was key to update 1.5. Subsections have been re-organised, now appear in alphabetical order (with a few exceptions). You will also find bigger thumbnails, and all have activated links, so you do not need to click on the headings to reach destinations.

  11. We added a Lifestyle section and removed the Gaming section. The Arts (split between Visual and Performing Arts), Gaming and Health & Wellbeing are now in one section.

  12. Added the Lifestyle Blog.

  13. Added trademark information at the bottom of each main page.

  14. We are changing our policy such that we will be announcing annual website updates and how we have improved the website.

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