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Struggling to find the abbreviation to a journal name?   Or maybe it's the other way around.  Nevertheless, we've got you covered.   Click here to view the list.

Using EndNote?

Define the journal names in your database and save time when writing.  Here's how to define term lists for journal names on EndNote. 

1.   Click on the link to download the file we have provided, Select and Copy the text.  Using Notepad (or another simple text editor) Paste the text.   Save the file as .txt

Note:  Make sure you delete the table headings before saving the file.   Remember where you have saved it!  You will need the destination path in the next step.  

2. Open EndNote.  Go to Tools and click Define Term Lists

A smaller window will open, select Journals and click Import List.   By default EndNote opens a folder which has some Journal Terms provided by the software.  But we want to import more.  

Note:  You can add, modify or export any terms you use with your current library.  Keep things well organised on the database and you don't have to worry later on.  

3.  Find the file you saved earlier and click Open.

It'll take some time for the file to upload and EndNote will refresh.

4.  To check if your terms have been updated, click on Tools > Open Term Lists > Journals Term Lists

Again, a smaller window will open with the updated list of terms. 

If you are missing a term, just click New Term and add it manually.   This method only adds 1 abbreviation, check with your editor which style you need.  Also, make sure you select the proper Output Styles and select which abbreviation the citation toolshould use.  

If you need more information, EndNote provides support.  Otherwise, contact us and we'll help!